CATIA V5 - Helix creation

  1. Contour of spring is making in Generative Shape Design.


  1. From necessary geometry, we will need to draw starting point and rotation axis. The position of the point from the axis is equal to a radius of spring so from begin we need to be sure where the point will be on the sketch.


  1. With option Helix Curve Definition new window is opening with Helix properties.


  1. When we have defined the contour of spring we are going to the Part module where we will make new plane and it will be defined with spot and contour.


  1. This plane will be used for drawing the Sketch for spring profile. The starting point and center of profile need to be coincident.


  1. With option Rib, we are merging profile and contour and making spring, helix.


  1. With option Design Table we are creating Excel table where we will define parameters of spring. These parameters will define the state of spring.


  1. With the click on OK, we will get a new window where we will select parameters which will be used to change the state of spring.


  1. With the click on OK, we are creating an Excel table with selected parameters. In second row we are putting values to see how spring will look. After new inputs, we need to save excel table.


  1. If we go back to CATIA and look on the tree we can see Helix parameters. Double click on one parameter we are getting the new window. With the click on the table in the new window, we will get the new window.


  1. With the click on other values, spring will become red and then with the click on  OK, we will get the new state of spring.


  1. Picture of the new state of spring.