CATIA V5 - Hole positioning

The next example illustrates how a hole can be positioned on a cylindrical part. The diameter of the cylindrical part is 100mm and the height is 300mm. A hole, which is concentric with the cylinder, is created on its front side with the diameter of 20mm and the depth of 50mm. The hole is created using the tool Hole.

Hole positioning  1          Hole positioning  2

If we want to move the hole to the appropriate position, this can be done with a double click on the hole. This opens the Hole Definition window. The dimensions that appear are those that we set and there is also the Positioning Sketch icon which is used for positioning the hole.

Hole positioning 3

By clicking on Positioning Sketch we enter 2D environment or sketch, where a dot which represents a central point of the circle forming a hole is shown.  

Hole positioning 4

This white dot which represents the center of the circle can be moved manually, and can also be defined by its coordinates on x and y-axis using Constraint tool.

Hole positioning 5      Hole positioning 6

After moving the dot, by clicking on Exit Workbench, we move to a 3D environment where the position of the hole is automatically modified

Hole posotioning 7