CATIA V5 - Insert mode

The Insert mode tool allows you to insert new features into the tree at a wanted position and that will have an effect on model modification. In this way, it is possible to simply change the Parent-Children structure with adding elements which didn't exist before. The following example shows you how to use functions Surface, Intersection and Sweep surface with two elements.


If you want to move one element with Sweep surface, you can do it by adding a new geometric element, in this case using the Parallel curve in relation to intersecting. First, you need to activate the Insert Mode (icon insert_mode_ikonain the toolbar) and then choose Parallel curve and enter the parameters.


After you entered the parameters, a new feature will appear in the tree and you will see that the sweep surface moved. If you check Parents and Children relation, you will see that the sweep surface has a link to Parallel.1 and Extrude.1.

In the same way, you can move Intersect, Parallel curve and Sweep surface by using Insert Mode and after creating Extrude.1 define a parallel surface (Offset.1).