CATIA V5 - Multiple values

Creating more parameters and assigning parameters to a part, enable fast and automated modification of the part. The following example explains the procedure as well as the way in which parameters can be created and thus related to the desired dimensions.
In Part Design 2D environment we create a rectangle and then activate a formula from the drop down menu (Tools\Formula). On activating the tool Formula a window like the one shown in the picture below will appear on the screen

CATIA - Assigning Parameters_1

In the open window we select the option Multiple Values, and define the type of parameter. In the example bellow we chose the parameter Length. Clicking on New Parameter we open a new window.

CATIA - Assigning Parameters_2CATIA - Assigning Parameters_3

In the new window we need to enter the desired values of the new parameter (it can be seen in the picture that CATIA itself generates a unit according to the type of parameter) and then confirm this by clicking OK. In this way we have created our first parameter with two values (we can have more) as shown in the example. The parameter is named Parameter A and confirmed by clicking OK. Another parameter – Parameter B is created in exactly the same way. 

CATIA - Assigning Parameters_4

CATIA - Assigning Parameters_5

After all the parameters have been created, they need to be related to the corresponding dimensions of a body or a sketch. In this example the parameters are related to the dimension values of a sketch.  You need to right click on the line of one side of the rectangle and select Offset.5 object\ Edit Formula. This will open a window in which you should select the created parameter. Confirm by clicking OK and then in the same way do this for the other side of the rectangle.

CATIA - Assigning Parameters_6CATIA - Assigning Parameters_7

After we have related this,  we need to move into 3D working environment and create a 3D object of the defined sketch. The tree is extended with the parameters mentioned above.

CATIA - Assigning Parameters_8CATIA - Assigning Parameters_9CATIA - Assigning Parameters_10

A simple double click on one of these parameters opens a window with the defined values. We need to select a value and do update. After that a 3D object changes dimensions according to the defined values.

CATIA - Assigning Parameters_11CATIA - Assigning Parameters_12CATIA - Assigning Parameters_13

Defining the parameters we define the dimensions of the 3D model which modify them and the result is a quick and simple modification of the parts defined by those parameters.