CATIA V5 - Power Copy

Power Copy is a set of elements (geometric, elements, formulas, links) that are grouped and can be used in different contexts, with the ability to redefine in a new context. Before creating Power Copy, it is necessary to include Parameters and Relations options in a way that they are visible in the tree (Tools>Options>Infrastructure>Part Infrastructure>Display). The following simple example illustrates how to create Power Copy and how to add it to another context.


You need to click on the Create a Power Copy icon to Create a Power Copy power_copy_ikona . It is necessary to select the elements in the Power Copy Definition window, which will be contained in the Power Copy. It is possible to assign a name for the Power Copy in the Definition tab.


The Inputs tab displays inputs (selected instances) from Power Copy. These elements can be renamed to have a clearer definition during instantiation, whereby the default type based name of the element can always be seen in brackets. This tab allows you to change the order of inputs also.


The Parameters tab allows you to select the parameters that can be changed during instantiation. It can be value or formula. You need to select the parameter and turn on the Published option. The parameter name can be changed here also.


During the instantiation, it is possible to select Instantiate from Documentinstantiate_from_document_ikona to open the document where is Power Copy created. If the document is already opened you can choose Instantiate from Selectioninstantiate_from_selection_ikona  if the document is already opened

.We need to switch to the document and click on the desired Power Copy in the tree (there may be more). A new window will open whit inputs, which are marked on the model also. It is necessary to select elements in the new context and in that way to connect them with the inputs.


After all, elements have been selected, identical items are created for those that contain Power Copy, and they become visible in the tree. Subsequent editing is possible.