CATIA V5 - Replace component

We will show how to use the command Replace component when working in product structure and designing in space without constaints.

1. When we want to replace one component with another in product structure we use the option Replace Component

Replace ComponentReplace Component_1
2. We first click on the component we want to replace and that on the Replace Component tool.

Replace Component_2
3. A new window opens and in it we select the replacement component.

Replace Component_4

4. When we click on the replacement component and then Open a new window will open which informs us which elements will be impacted by this replacement. Since we are working without context and with Constaints there is no impact so we can click OK. 

Replace Component_5 

5. The replacement component has been replaced with component 2 and is positioned in the tree and in space.

Replace Component_6