CATIA V5 – Reuse Pattern

Reuse Pattern is a command within Assembly Design module, which allows the creation of instances from one component or subassembly with the use of a pattern, which was created in Part.

Keep link with the pattern:

  • Activated option – instances are linked with pattern, where the subsequent change of the pattern changes the position of the instances
  • Deactivated option – after the instance is created there is no link with pattern in skeleton or source part. Pattern can be replaced or deleted without effect on the created instances

Put new instance in a flexible component:

  • Activated option – a flexible component is created, which is visible in the tree structure and all instances are located within this component (recommended, better tree structure transparency)
  • Deactivated option – instances will not be combined in a single component, but individually added in the tree structure

First instance on pattern:

  • Re-use the original component – creates instances  of the original component, without the first component, which is represented by the original
  • Create a new instance – the original component does not move, but a new instance is created based on pattern, on the same position as the original component
  • Cut&Paste the original component: the original component is relocated in the tree structure within the flexible component


 The bottom picture shows a simple assembly, where the option reuse pattern is used to position the bolt. The part is added in the product first, which contains the basic geometry (sketch for the rotational contour and the dividing surface, position of the first hole in relation to the bolt and user pattern). This method of modelling is called skeleton methodology. Afterwards Part2 is added (upper half), in which the geometry from Part1 (Skeleton) is copied.

When the rotational contour and dividing surface are created in component Part2, the first hole can be inserted and for the rest use the option user pattern (Generative Shape Design module). The function user pattern allows creating a pattern based on a sketch (e.g. position of points or lines).

Position the first bolt and for the rest use the option reuse pattern, where the user pattern created in skeleton or upper half (Part2) is selected.

Providing the  pattern was created using the option Cut&Paste the original component, then the original component (first bolt) appears within the flexible component as well, as visible in the picture below.