CATIA V5 -Save Management

The use of Save Management functions is recommended in most cases when we have a large assembly with a large number of parts. The reason for this is the complexity, that is, the amount of data CATIA must store at different locations on the server.

When we store data with the usual Save function, CATIA will restore the entire model, which in the case of complex assemblies and large amounts of data significantly lengthens the data storage time.

If you save data using the Save Management function, CATIA will only save new and modified parts. Unchanged parts have been preserved from before and there is no need to restore the same data. This feature shortens storage time, which is particularly important when storing large and complex models/sets on the server.

The "Save Management" function can be selected from the main menu by clicking "File":

CATIA_V5_save_management_inside_off Image 1. "Save Management“ inside off softer CATIA

The "State" column shows the status of parts / sets / drawings, which tells us if something is New, Modified, or is only open.

catia_v5_save_mnagement_functionImage 2. Window „Save Management“ function

In the same window, the following information is also displayed:

  • The "Location" column shows where Part, Assembly, or Drawing are preserved
  • The "Access" column shows the user's rights

In saving data, there are two options:

  • "Save" - save to the current location
  • "Save as" Selects a new storage location

It is important to note that only parts that have the status "New" and "Modified" will be saved. Models with the status "Open" will not be saved again since they have not been changed.

The "Propagate directory" option serves to store the complete model or assembly to a new location in the same folder. Any further changes will be stored in the selected folder and all parts of the assembly will also be copied to the main assembly location.