CATIA V5 – Solid Combine

The Solid Combine function solid_combine_funkcija_ikona allows creating a solid from two or more virtual extruded profiles which are in the intersection. First, you need to click on the Solid Combine icon  solid_combine_funkcija_ikona . A new window will open where profiles should be defined.


In this example, Sketch.1 is selected for the first component to be extruded and Sketch.2 for the second component. The sketch must include a closed profile. If the profiles are not defined before Solid Combine command starts, it can be defined by clicking the icon solid_combine_ikona_za_definisanje_profila  next to the Profile field.

Components that can be selected:

  • Sketch
  • Surface
  • Sketch sub-element
  • 3D Planar Curve

Contextual commands for component creation can also be used:

  • Create Sketch
  • Create Fill
  • Create Join
  • Create Extract

Solid Combine function calculates the intersection of virtual extruded profiles. By default, the extrusion direction is orthogonal to the Sketch plane. Once both profiles are selected, the preview of the generated solid is automatically displayed.

If the Normal to profile option is turned off, it is possible to define the extrusion direction and thus change the end result. On the picture below for the first profile extrusion is chosen the defined direction which is not orthogonal to the Sketch plane (Sketch.3/Edge.3).


Clicking OK will get the final result.