CATIA V5 - Split and trim

Split split is an operation in which one element is cut off with another element. Using the Split operation, it is possible to split a line or curve with a point, curve, or surface. It is also possible to split the surface with a curve (line) or surface. Starting a function opens a window where you want to select the element that we want to cut (the Element to cut field). By clicking on the blue icon next to the box, you can add more elements, and cut them in one step. In the field below, the element with which we want to cut the previously selected is entered.


The Fill.1 element with element Fill.2 is cut off in the picture below. The system according to the settings leaves the part of the surface to which the mouse is clicked (in this case the right part of the surface). If you want to save the opposite part of the surface, you can change it by clicking on Other side. Within the Optional parameters, the option Keep two sides can be switched on, which will save both surfaces. In addition, there is also an option of Intersections computation, which will, along with Split, give an intersection between the two surfaces (in this case, the line). By clicking Remove or Replace, it is possible to remove or replace the item (s) with which we cut off.


Trim is an operation by which two elements are cut off interchangeably. With the Trim operation, it is possible to cut off the curve with the curve or surface with the surface interchangeably. It is necessary to select the elements we want to cut (they appear within the Trimmed elements field). The system here also retains the part of the elements where we clicked the mouse. If we want to change the result, click on the Other side / next element and Other side / previous element. With complex geometry, it is possible to select elements that we want to remove or keep (Elements to remove and Elements to keep). And here it is possible to get an intersection between the surfaces, by including the Intersections computation option.