CATIA V5 – Surface Curvature Analysis

Surface Curvature Analysis is used to analyze the curvature of surfaces. The analysis can be done in the Generative Shape Design environment or in the Part Design environment. To see the results of the analysis, you must first turn on the Shading with Material shading_with_material_ikona option in the View toolbar.

To start the analysis, you need to select the desired surface and then click on the Surface Curvature Analysis surfacic_curvature_analysis  in the Analysis toolbar. The dialog box opens and results are displayed on the selected surface.


The Surface Curvature dialog box displays the following information:

  • Analysis type
    • Gaussian
    • Square Root Gaussian
    • Minimum
    • Maximum
    • Mean
    • Limited
    • Inflection Area
  • Color’s scale options
  • Options
    • Positive only –allows only positive analytical results to be obtained (available with the Gaussian, Minimum or Maximum analysis type).
    • On the fly –the minimum and maximum curvature value at the cursor position as well as the direction of minimum and maximum curvature are displayed. As the cursor moves along the surface, the results are dynamically updated. Right-click on the menu that offers additional options (picture below):
      • Keep Point –creates a point at the location where you clicked
      • Keep value –value remains visible at this location
      • Keep Min Point –creates a point that corresponds to a minimum value
      • Keep Max Point – creates a point corresponding to the maximum value


The following figure shows an example of a Maximum type analysis. You need to select the type of analysis, click on the Use Min Max button. If the On the fly option is turned on by moving the cursor over the surface, the results are dynamically updated. The maximum curvature value, radius, and the direction of maximum or minimum curvature are displayed. In the same way, a Minimum type analysis can also be made.


Mean analysis shows results as (Minimum Curvature + Maximum Curvature) / 2.


Inflection Area analysis allows the identification of the direction of curvature. The green color indicates the areas in which the minimum and maximum curvature have the same direction. The blue color indicates areas where the minimum and maximum curvature have the opposite direction.