CATIA V5 - Surface to solid conversion trouble

close_surface_icon inside of Part Design surrounding. Before converting a surface to a 3D solid object inside of Part Design environment, it is necessary to connect all surfaces using the function Joinjoin_icon
Sometimes the following error occurs while you creating Solid :

catia_v5_converting_a_surface_to_a_3D solid

Although it seems that all surfaces are merged or closed, it does not have to be the case. To check this, you need to switch back to the Generative Shape Design environment, select the Boundary function and click on the surface.

catia_v5_converting_a_surface_to_a_3D solid_2

The Boundary function will create a boundary around the open contour (highlighted in green). This will not solve the problem of open surfaces but will indicate which area of the model have stayed open.


If the surface is closed, the system will not create a boundary and it will show the following error:

catia_v5_converting_a_surface_to_a_3D solid_3