CATIA V5 – Making Bill of material BOM directly from CATIA

Making Bill of material BOM directly from CATIA.

List of all components from one assembly or subassembly we can easily get from  Analyze and then from the click on Bill of Material. 


List of all components with quantities from product, assembly tree.


 With click on Listing report we can save a list of components as txt file.


If we don’t want to show some component in BOM but it is in product tree we need to do these steps: On the component, that we don’t want to see in BOM, right click and go to Properties.


In first tab Product, option Visualize in Bill Of Material must be unmarked.


After saving this change we are going again on Analyze and then with click on Bill of Material  we are getting new BOM of product without unmarked component.



**NOTE We need to be careful with product mass if we remove some components from BOM and not from the tree.