Executive days

Dedicated to everyone who creates, and designs the world around us:

"New business models and strategies that support product development"

June 12, Ljubljana

June 13, Zagreb 

Mobile, social, intelligent smart things, and big data convergence are a competitive game-changers. Companies have to be connected to its customers, to be able to produce experience and to create information from data. Technology has to be applied to a very real business need - something that can have quantifiable value to the company to enable the company to be a part of the intelligent ecosystem. 

It can be very challenging to decide what to invest in, which advanced technology to adopt, and how to remain profitable in the age of digitalization (Industry 4.0). Experience economy is a new way of thinking about product development and the way business will work in near future.

To present new technologies impacting the business transformation to the experience economy, and the PLM in context of digitalization.

New Business Process Management Strategy
Jos Voskuil, TacIT

Technology revolution and the general shift in business models
Oscar Torres, Dassault Systemes, ESADE Business School

Business models that create an economy of experience
Pierre Aumont, Dassault Systemes

Panel discussion 

Who should attend?

VP/Director Engineering
VP/Director Quality
VP/Director R&D
VP/Director Operations
Product/Project Management Leaders
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