fe-safe - course

During fe-safe course you will learn how to set up and run various fatigue analyses using fe-safe.
The course includes many hands-on tutorials and practical examples.

Course program (16 hours):


  • Introduction to fatigue
  • The fe-safe user interface:
    • opening and using FE models
    • using data files
    • configuring fatigue analyses
    • the fe-safe analysis process
    • advanced export options
  • Loading methods:
    • overview of the basic loading methods
    • advanced loading capabilities
    • incorporating residual stresses
    • defining loading in fe-safe
  • Fatigue methods, including:
    • strain-life methods
    • stress-life methods
    • the factor of strength and FRF calculations
    • fatigue of cast iron
    • High-temperature fatigue
    • fatigue of welds, including an introduction to the Verity® method

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