Zlatko Šimunec, an electronic engineer graduated at the University of Zagreb, started his private business in 1991 with a new business idea as an ECAD software provider. In this year he created the company CADCAM Design Centar in Zagreb, Croatia and developed medical equipment for hearing impaired children using Electronic CAD software.

Today the CADCAM Group with companies in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia Herzegovina has 65 highly skilled employees and is doing business in more than 10 countries in EU. The company’s offerings cover a broad range of software for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), MCAD and ECAD design, an collaboration between the design disciplines, engineering services and IT infrastructure, with revenues totaling more than € 7,3 million.

In 1995 CADCAM Design Centar became an IBM Business Partner selling IBM’s hardware and software for mechanical design developed by Dassault Systemes from Paris, France. Zlatko transformed his company over the next two decades into a growing leader for providing PLM and engineering solutions for the electronic-mechanical product development.

In the Year 2001, CADCAM Design Centar established a subsidiary in Slovenia under the name of CADCAM LAB and entered into the PLM Business together with IBM and Dassault Systemes. CADCAM started to support PLM customers in Slovenia and Croatia in their business growth. As an PLM solution provider and partner of clients, CADCAM became soon the leading PLM solution company in South-East European countries.

In the year 2003 CADCAM DATA in Belgrade in Serbia was established and three years later in 2007 company was able to extend their customer care into the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina with an office in Sarajevo. The four companies in the different Adriatic countries where unified under the name of CADCAM Group as a head organization in 2012.

Under the umbrella of the CADCAM Group, two more disciplines were implemented at that time. Engineering Services for product design and software development for collaboration and integration of PLM solutions into customer’s existing business processes and infrastructure.

Starting with their own software development in 2007 with MECODES - Mechatronic Collaboration Design Solution to integrate the domains of ECAD and MCAD for process integration and team’s collaboration. In 2012 MECODES won the Golden Medal for the most innovative product creation and today MECODES is recognized on WW level as the best in class tool for ECAD/MCAD collaboration.

Today CADCAM Group is providing DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION solutions (consultancy, software and services) for their customers and brings benefit and add value in product development and optimization of production. CADCAM Group’s customer serving capabilities will evolve and the expertise of its employees deepens continuously to help the firms in the Adriatic’s and WW to be positioned for growth, efficient in product development, competitive and successful.