Implementacijske usluge

Implementation services

Our consultants can help plan, integrate, deploy and evolve PLM solutions that will help grow our clients business. If the company is lacking the resources or the knowhow to plan, implement or optimize the leading edge technologies, CADCAM Group can help you position your business ahead of your competiton.

CADCAM Group has the technical expertise to help companies create environments that enable their employees to collaborate easily. Our consultants support our clients inhouse resources in order for them to save time and money, reduce risks and the time their product are operational and in use. This allows them to focus on their core business and enables their employees to collaborate on a higher level.

The companies find our services particularly beneficial if they:

• Need a solution design and implementation plan that is customized to their needs, objectives, use cases or unique technology environment
• Have a broad range of PLM and collaboration technology in geographically dispersed locations, requiring a measured and consistent implementation process
• Need to increase adoption or usage of their PLM solution

Service benefits

Our experts will plan and design the right solution for our clients business needs, identifying key issues prior to deployment. Our major service areas include comprehensive assessment to determine the readiness and requirements of their business processes, and design services to optimize the performance of employees’ collaboration and helping to avoid common pitfalls. Maximizing the return on investment in any technology depends largely on the employees making it a part of their workday.


Following the initial design phase, the solution is deployed in a straightforward and seamless fashion. By taking advantage of these services, we help our customer’s business adapt to the new solution and assist their employees in being operational and productive from day one. The comprehensive implementation service is leveraging the expertise of our technical personnel to ensure the optimum deployment following the client’s business needs. Support at any point in the PLM journey is at hand, whether it is the first PLM solution deployment, migration to a new platform, upgrade of an existing solution with the latest features and enhancements, or integration of a business solution into the PLM environment. Our project management services give access to expert project managers who follow best practice methodologies to coordinate all aspects of a solution deployment—providing a smooth, efficient service that saves time and money. We also offer implementation services, and onsite consultancy for new installations.


Although implementation service deliverables will vary according to the specific requirements of the PLM solution and the environment into which it is being installed, typical service elements include:

• Software installation, registration, activation and configuration
• Initial configuration and testing of interoperability with relevant third party software applications
• Comprehensive configuration of system resources, and testing of the entire installation
• Orientation session enabling knowledge transfer to the internal staff


The benefits of our services do not end with the deployment of the customer’s solution. We also help maximize the use of the PLM system and infrastructure. This is done by monitoring usage, process performance and, as the clients add, change or expand the environment, continuing to optimize the configuration of the PLM platform to maximize ROI.

Service benefits

Unified business process environments are constantly changing. CADCAM Group’s ranges of services are helping our clients to optimize the performance of their PLM solution as the technology and business are evolving and new features are becoming available. These services help get the most from their existing investments while are providing the security and assurance of updates being delivered by technical experts knowledgeable in the fields of unified business processing and collaboration.