CATIA scripts and macros


What is a macro?

Macro (which stands for "macroinstruction") is a programmable pattern which translates a certain sequence of input into a preset sequence of output.

How can a macro make our job easier?

Macros can be used to make certain tasks less repetitive by eliminating the need for a complicated sequence of keystrokes, mouse movements, commands, or other types of input.

How to start a macro?

The fastest way to start macro is by pressing Alt+F8  on your keyboard which starts a window with the list of macros that are saved in your computer in a folder that you chose. On the right side of the macros window choose the Run button.

How to run MACRO

Creating your own shortcut

Some macros are often used and it is really useful to create your own shortcuts in the toolbar. We have the possibility to choose the combination of keys on our dashboard that start a certain macro.

Furthero n you can read all about how to make a shortcut and install it on your toolbar or keyboard.

  • Installing shortcuts on your toolbar

Position your cursor on the toolbar and with our right mouse button we open a list of commands. Choose Customize.

Macro customize

After that we choose Commands.

macro commands

Furtheron we choose the macro we need.

macro choose one

In the right corner underneath the opened window choose the option Show properties.

macro properties

The window that opens offers the possibilities of choosing the icon which can represent our macro. It is important that you have in mind that you choose the icon that is not already taken.

macro choose icon

After choosing Close we take the macro from the list, drag it on the dashboard and drop it where you want it to be placed. From that point forward when you choose it, it will automatically start your macro. In this case it will start an Excel sheet with columns we chose when creating the macro.

macro BOM import

  • Creating a shortcut on your keyboard

In the same opened window you have the option to write the shortcut for the Accelerator. It is necessary to choose the combination of keys that is not already taken. By choosing those three keys, in this case Ctrl + Alt + L will start a macro the same way as by clicking on it in the toolbar.

macro shortcut keyboard

Gdje preuzeti skripte i macro-e za CATIA-u?

Na našem FTP serveru u folderu scripts_macros možete pronaći skripte i macroe koje CADCAM tim priprema za korisnike naših programskih rješenja.

FTP serveru CADCAM Grupe se pristupa putem MyCADCAM Portala.

Saznajte više o MyCADCAM Portalu i kako se registrirati.