MyCADCAM portal - FAQs

1. What is MyCADCAM Portal and to who is intended for?

MyCADCAM portal is a portal that is intended for users of our software solutions. On Portal you can see all your active licenses and programs, access to FTP server and find answers to frequently asked questions regarding the installation and the conditions of using our solutions. On Portal will publish tips & tricks to simplify your daily work in our software solutions.
On the FTP server, you can find the latest installations of our software solutions, hot fixes, service packs, and the instructions for installation. Also, through FTP server we can share files that are not available to all users of the FTP server.

2. How to get access for MyCADCAM portal?

You can request access to MyCADCAM portal by fill out the registration form available at this link. After we receive your registration we will activate your account within 24 hours.

3. What should I do if I forget the access data for MyCADCAM portal?

If you forget your access data for MyCADCAM portal, click on the "Forgot Password?" and enter your email address. We will send you a temporary password. After logging in the portal it is necessary to enter the tab "Password" and change the temporary password.

4. How can I change the password to access MyCADCAM portal?

You can change your password in tab "Password", after you log in to the portal.

5. I want to share my access to MyCADCAM portal with colleagues, which is the best solution?

It is best, that your colleagues create their own account at registration form located at this link.

6. Are there any Terms and Conditions to use MyCADCAM portal?

Yes, there are and must be read and agreed, to create your account. Terms and Conditions can be read here.