3D Electrical design

3D Electrical design

The electric integration subject for car industry is growing faster than ever. With actually more than 2km of cables length and 50kg of weight, this part is taking a significant place in the vehicle’s design and cost. 
The design of automotive wire harnesses and the preparation of their manufacturing data is a demanding process. A typical high-end automobile has up to four kilometers of wiring within the vehicle that connects all the electrical devices, the embedded systems Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and their associated sensors and actuators.
This wiring is typically implemented with up to 1,500 individual wires contained in multiple wire harnesses that can weigh up to 70 kg. It is a constant challenge to minimize the cost and weight of these harnesses and to streamline the complete harness design process.

The Electrical Systems design and manufacturing solution from Dassault Systèmes provides a powerful fully integrated environment for the 2D & 3D design of electrical wire harness systems, all in the context of fully configured 3D virtual twins of real vehicles. This solution significantly reduces design time and costs while increasing the overall quality of the final electrical wire harness assembly. What sets this solution apart is that the Electrical Systems solutions are built on the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform for systems engineering. They share a common, open, extendable data-model and repository that delivers a consistent view of information across all engineering disciplines and applications. Thus, the data model is at the heart of the integrated workflow, as a single source of truth.

Check out how to use CATIA capabilities to create electrical wire harness design manufacturing documentation and drawings.

Therefore, the Electrical Systems solutions deliver:

  • A complete wire harness lifecycle management solution that can be quickly and easily integrated with existing tools & processes
  • An intelligent electrical systems design environment that drives real-time concurrent design and collaboration across all disciplines & stakeholders
  • An integrated approach to electrical 3D wire harness development that leverages 3DEXPERIENCE to drive all design activities
  • An efficient and integrated solution for the rapid production of all wire harness manufacturing information

With 3DEXPERIENCE, the single database and the RFLP capabilities gives the opportunity to include electrical design in a global and multidisciplinary approach, this is needed for years and will bring a huge value to our customers.