CATIA Mechanical & Shape Engineer Excellence

CATIA Mechanical & Shape Engineer Excellence (CATMSE) configuration contains the following modules:

FPE (Fabricated Product Creation)
+ MPE (Molded Product Creation)
+ JTE (Jig and Tooling Creation) 
+ TRE (Technological Specifications Review) 
FTX (3D Master)
PRX (Animated Product Review)
+ HCX (Mechanical Shape Optimization)
+ FSX (Freestyle Shape Design)

Compared with CATMEE configuration, CATMSE also contains the following modules MPE, HCX and FSX:

Molded Product Creation (MPE)

The process of designing and creating molded parts is often time-consuming and inflexible, which is incompatible with accelerating market trends for a new design. Companies need to be equipped with state-of-the-art and highly productive technologies to maintain a competitive edge.

CATIA - Molded Product Creation module contains all the functionality as well as MCE module with additional functionality for making molds for castings
delivers ultra-fast functional modeling for unmatched productivity and flexibility, to address the complete design-to-manufacturing preparation process of molded parts.

Customer benefits: 

  • Functional modeling: focus on what you want to model and not how to model it
  • Cornerstone for real-time collaborative design
  • Ensure "right the first time" molded parts design thus reducing the number of iterations with mold makers
  • Concurrently design both the product and the associated tooling for molded and plastic parts
  • Seamless collaboration across the extended enterprise
3D model in CATIA FPE module 

Mechanical Shape Optimization (HCX)

Companies need simple and ergonomic tools to rapidly morph shapes without altering their quality at any time during the design process.
CATIA - Mechanical Shape Optimization embeds unique breakthrough technologies enabling to perform quickly global morphing on complex shapes. It allows either to deform interactively shapes or to capture the realistic one based on real-world tests of the product in operation. This easy-to-use environment helps designers to achieve a real productivity gain to optimize the product or the tooling definition.

Customer benefits:

  • Achievement of high productivity gains while performing global deformation on complex shapes without altering models quality
  • Optimization of the product or the tooling definition thanks to the comparison between the shape created from as-built measurements and nominal one
  • Robust morphing approach promoting the use of high-quality generative models ready for manufacturing purposes
Door in CATIA and HCX module

Freestyle Shape Design (FSX)

In traditional systems, the design organization is messy and makes design modifications very complicated. The lack of collaboration between designers is responsible for increasing iterations and product design time. Companies must acknowledge that aesthetically appealing products are not always manufacturable.  
CATIA - Freestyle Shape Design is used to design details on styled shapes thanks to the powerful technology that makes it possible to transform conceptual shapes into high-end styled ones that are then ready for class-A or manufacturing processes.

Customer benefits:

  • Intuitive environment enabling easy and fast design of high-end styled shapes
  • Interactive deformation of aesthetical shapes based on the spec-driven approach that allows immediate propagation of design changes
  • Compliancy with aesthetical shape design standards thanks to a set of dedicated analysis tools and quality checkers
  • Fosters concurrent design through tight collaboration between designers and engineers in a single environment
Preview of FSX module in CATIA

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