CATIA is the world's leading software solution for engineering and product design, which is successfully used in companies of all sizes, from small to mid-sized companies to large OEMs and their suppliers' chains.

It is used for designing, simulating, analyzing and manufacturing products in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, consumer goods and industrial machines. An exceptionally powerful geometric modeler, an intuitive user interface, a large number of specialized and integrated applications with the concept of modularity, enable efficiency, multidisciplinarity, and coverage of all stages of product development. It is available in two versions, ie platforms: V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE.

CATIA V5 is the basic version of CATIA without the PDM / PLM program modules. The most common configurations are MD2 and HD2.

The MD2 configuration consists of the following modules:

The HD2 configuration consists of the following modules:

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Hardware and Software Configurations