DraftSight is 2D CAD program designed for anyone who wants to design, modify or view 2D drawings or DWG files. Easy to use and compatible with different operating systems. It is based on logic and functions present in AutoCAD and represents its great and cheaper alternative.

 Download system requirements for DraftSight 2017.  

DraftSight 2D CAD programImage: DraftSight 2D CAD program

Key features:

  • Supported work on multiple operating systems – Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Open, edit and save DWG documents – supported DWG format in multiple versions
  • Customizable user interface - solution from this discipline offers a variety of tools for the development of forms and materials with a high level of complexity and the quality of the surface, as tools for decision making about the prototypes of products
  • User interface with control line
  • Application Programming Interfaces (API)
  • Interface with business systems, ie. PLM, PDM, ERP
  • Create custom programs for automation

Read the article about how the company HIP-Petrohemija inc. for CAD software solution chose DraftSight Enterprise.

Except that you can create 2D drawings and save them in DWG and DXF format, you can also create PDF documents and share them with companies that require a document in any of the above formats.
Millions of users all over the world from different industries also downloaded and are using this simple program that its wide application justifies the fact that efficiently and accurately supports any type of 2D design.
DraftSight creates documents in DWG format for sharing with suppliers, production sector, customers, and distributors. Besides being easy to use and easy to implement, the basic version of DraftSight solutions is free.

If you decide for program DraftSight, you can join a group of users, share your questions and ideas as well as discuss the improvement of the functionality.
What this free program makes it even better for the users is that it is, except in English, also available in other languages – German, Russian, French, Hungarian, Italian, Greek and many others.

Here you can free download DraftSight software solution.

To independently learn to work with this 2D CAD tool, your online guide to the DraftSight is secured, that is intended and to those who do not have previous CAD experience.

Also, download instructions for more advanced users

If you want to use more advanced tools and to raise your efficiency to a higher level, for you we also offer the Enterprise version.

 Some of the features of this advanced version, which includes improved functional and productive tools like:

  • PDF Underlay – that makes it possible to use the PDF document as a background in your DWG format:
    DraftSight PDF Underlay
  • Toolbox – allows you to insert predefined blocks of standard mechanical elements, forms, labels, symbols, and table:
    DraftSight Toolbox
  • Design Library – enables you to manage the documents that you have made you or your colleagues:
    DraftSight Design Library
  • Drawing Compare – allows graphical comparisons of drawings, for faster pinup:
    DraftSight Drawing Compare
  • Batch Printing – printing multiple documents without the need for their opening:
    DraftSight Batch Printing

Improve your business operations and enable your engineers to quickly and easily master this program.
Our engineers can train your employees and help you in a short period of time to become operational and start independently use the DraftSight.

Kolaborativni pristup kao podrška istovremenom inžinjeringu
Image: a collaborative approach to support simultaneous engineering

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