Discover the new dimensions of collaboration

in the electro-mechanical product development processes


CADCAM Group has developed MECODES

  • MECODES is a unique suite of MCAD and ECAD collaboration solutions. MECODES adopts the latest technologies, data exchange formats, and protocols to improve product design, achieve cost reduction and enable more interdisciplinary innovation.
  • The CADCAM Group developed the new MECODES software generation for integrating the market-leading mechanical design solution CATIA V5 with the most important electrical PCB design systems. MECODES is designed specifically for the collaboration of CATIA V5 with Mentor Graphics Xpedition, Mentor Graphics PADS, Altium Designer and CADENCE Allegro.

The MECODES solution suite consists of:

  • MECODES EDMD for CATIA V5 and Mentor Graphics Xpedition Enterprise and PADS collaboration created on the new recommendation EDMD (ProSTEP iViP Association).
  • MECODES for CATIA V5 and Altium integration established on the IDF V3 industry standard and enhanced by customized XML schema.
  • MECODES CADENCE Multi-Layer import in CATIA V5 based on new IDF3++ standard


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      Use MECODES for:

  • Improved design quality, faster development processes and reduced rework by collaboration.
  • Optimized and shortened development cycles by integration.
  • Increased product and process innovation through communication.
  • Advanced product analysis of cross-discipline results by 3D product representations.
  • Decreased time-to-market by resolving hurdles through communication within the entire product development process.
  • Accelerated return-on-investment by the faster introduction of new products to the marketplace.



  • The development of all types of script applications that are used within CATIA V5 and various ECAD systems to automate repetitive tasks or enhance features in CAD systems like an external PDM system connectivity, export/import automation, automation of report generation, report enhancements with dynamic data, user management, and many other improvements.
  • Dynamic script development using VBA/VBScript/DelphiScript interfaced with CATIA V5, Altium Designer, and Mentor Graphics Expedition to customize the specific customer wants & needs either by the CADCAM Group software development or by our customer themselves to modify, query or extract data from CAD models in response to specific requirements.
  • The extraction and/or implementation of data from/in CAD models to serve an external database or all kinds of product management systems, add process information, perform calculations, send and receive e-mails and many other tasks.
  • The addition of required extra functionality or commands to any application for expandability and smart maintenance.

  For more information visit MECODES web page.