A management system for Product Data Quality (PDQ), Q-Checker is the world’s leading system for quality assurance in virtual development.

When operated already from the early beginning in the design process, Q-checker will support and enhance cross-engineering as well as model reuse. The key to a successful implementation is the integration and adaptation to companies' PLM processes. The Q-Monitor product allows statistical assessments to establish a continuous improvement process for PDQ. In CATIA, methodology checks cover the new important area of model integrity, besides geometry and standard criteria.

The Q-checker product family covers the complete process, internally as well as for external suppliers:

• Q-Checker controls your quality on CATIA V4, V5, and V6 data

• Q-Monitor presents the full picture of your quality

• Q-PLM connects and integrates with your PLM environments 

Q-checker for CATIA


Save time spent fixing models - Fixing geometry problems constitutes a significant design cost, not only in terms of time and quality but also in wasted human and material resources. With Q-Checker, critical defects can be identified and repaired before faulty features lead to additional geometric problems.

Designer Awareness - Q-Checker anticipates and captures requirements of all downstream applications, even where they may not be evident to the designer.

Pro-Active Learning - The learning curve can be steep and tedious at times, particularly for new and part-time designers who need to conform to specific customer CAD standards. Q-Checker can assist by identifying common design process mistakes and inefficient practices.

Promotes Design Reuse - Because defects have traditionally been so common in models, most users prefer to rebuild their own, instead of reusing existing ones. This is another costly part of designing that Q-Checker can help to eliminate.

Enforcing internal CATIA standards - Q-Checker helps to ensure that corporate design standards and specifications for using CATIA are adhered to, allowing the design and production teams to become more productive and efficient and supporting higher product quality.

Supplier Confidence - OEMs working with Q-Checker have the confidence that they are sending their suppliers good quality data. At the same time, they can insist that their suppliers use a specific checking profile. Suppliers who use Q-Checker can assure their customers and partners that they are delivering accurate models that are based on a consistent standard of modeling practices

Checking files transferred from other CAD software - CATIA users frequently need to use multiple CAD systems and data, a practice that can lead to problems with data translation. This usually calls for significant reworking and redesigning. Q-Checker helps to catch errors and adjust standards quickly and effectively, allowing for speedy recovery.

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