Shape Design & Styling Solutions

Shape Design & Styling Solutions

The CATIA V5 offers very intuitive tools for easy creation, testing, and modification of any type of surface, from freeform to mechanical shapes.

Concept Product Creation (CRE)

Today's competitive market requires companies to quickly deliver aesthetically attractive products to define new trends. Since the design is key to creating customer loyalty and attracting new customers, companies need to strengthen their brand identity and distinguish themselves from the competition.
CATIA - Concept Product Creation offers fast modeling technology for industrial designers, directly in the design environment. It features a powerful ray-tracing engine and provides a realistic simulation of products appearance for quick style validation.

Included modules:

  • Photo Studio 2
  • FreeStyle Shaper 1
  • Imagine & Shape 2
  • FreeStyle Sketch Tracer 1
  • Generative Shape Design 1
Concept Product Craetion in CATIA

Reverse Engineering (REE)

The use of numerous systems for the development of digital products from physical prototypes is complex and costly, leading to delays in product development. Companies require an intuitive environment that is ergonomically integrated and fully integrated to achieve rapid return on investment.
CATIA - Reverse Engineering enables fast capture of physical prototype shapes to enhance their design, making the 3D virtual model as a reference design. Contains powerful technologies that allow easy manipulation of a large number of points and quick conversion into high-quality surfaces.

Included modules:

  • Generative Shape Design 1
  • Quick Surface Reconstruction 2
  • Digitized Shape Editor 2
  • STL Rapid Prototyping 1
  • Shape Sculptor 2
Reverse Engineering in CATIA V5

Freestyle Shape Design (FSX)

In traditional systems, the design organization is messy and makes design modifications very complicated. The lack of collaboration between designers is responsible for increasing iterations and product design time. Companies must acknowledge that aesthetically appealing products are not always manufacturable.
CATIA - Freestyle Shape Design is used to design details on styled shapes thanks to the powerful technology that makes it possible to transform conceptual shapes into high-end styled ones that are then ready for class-A or manufacturing processes.

Customer benefits:

  • Intuitive environment enabling easy and fast design of high-end styled shapes
  • Interactive deformation of aesthetical shapes based on the spec-driven approach that allows immediate propagation of design changes
  • Compliance with aesthetical shape design standards thanks to a set of dedicated analysis tools and quality checkers
  • Fosters concurrent design through tight collaboration between designers and engineers in a single environment


Freestyle Shaper in CATIA

Realistic Dynamic Rendering (RRX)

Companies need realistic visualization of their products at an early stage of design to eliminate the need for physical prototypes and to increase customer interest through presentations. In addition, companies require fast preparation of marketing and sales materials to present the product to the customer early on.
CATIA - Realistic Dynamic Rendering delivers powerful real-time rendering technologies, enabling you to create a very realistic visualization of product appearance. It helps to validate product design and generates high-end marketing and sales images and videos with unmatched realism at the early stage of product development.

Included modules:

  • Real-Time Rendering 2
  • Photo Studio Optimizer 2
  • Photo Studio 2
Realistic Dynamic Rendering in CATIA

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