Power’By for Simulation Users of existing SIMULIA standalone tools can benefit greatly by socializing your data, work and methods with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform’s social and PLM collaboration services.

You can capture and publish best practices; launch simulation jobs (including on-cloud burst computing for Abaqus); view, optimize, share, track and collaborate on results and methods; and integrate fully with non-experts. Data, methods and simulation results are managed—and are more easily accessible, visible and valuable—throughout your workgroup and the enterprise with no disruption to your existing methods and tools. In R2019X you’ll find 28 out of our 29 user roles available on the cloud. Specific enhancements include the ability to upload result data, plots, and animations for both XFlow Analyst (for fluid simulation) and Multibody Analyst (for multibody simulation with Simpack). There is also new user-subroutine support (i.e. the capability to extend Abaqus with your own materials, elements and methods) during on-cloud execution with Structural Mechanics Analyst for structural simulation with Abaqus, plus support for 3D CAD (CATIA) assemblies for electromagnetic simulation with CST Studio Specialist.

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