From scan to 3D Print with CATIA

Master the transition between the physical and digital worlds


  • Your company wants to re-use and leverage your existing products, even old ones not developed with CAD, but in a cost effective way.
  • Late tooling modifications to meet manufacturing constraints increase your costs, despite your purchase of FEA software that predicts these deformations or scanning initially-produced parts.
  • You invested in costly Topology Optimization software for product weight reduction, but all the benefit is lost because it takes weeks to reconstruct a CAD model that can be additively manufactured.


      • No return on investment so far…

      Discover how companies are using CATIA Scan to 3D Print solutions to achieve amazing returns on investment:

      • Reduced geometry reconstruction time from scanned data by 30 to 80%.
      • Automation of tooling compensation reduces tooling costs by 50%.
      • Game-changing CAD reconstruction from optimized topology means that what previously took weeks can be completed in days. 

      Why not yours?

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