Elixir Aircraft case study video

Cyril Champenois, Elixir’s COO, shares how Elixir’s ten person team was able to:

•         Accelerate from concept to first flight in only 2 years
•         Deliver a two-seater aircraft from 35% to 50% cheaper than their competitors
•         Innovate and compete with less resources.

By adopting the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud small and medium size companies compete simply by collaborating in real time across the globe, with data security, and lower the information technology investment and administration costs.

“We are seeing things we have never seen before,”

Dassault Systèmes CEO Bernard Charlès said at the 3DEXPERIENCE event in Milan.

“Who would have said, only two years ago, three years ago, that a company of 10 people would do an aircraft on the cloud? And I think they are going to do it and they are going to get the certification. It’s very profound"