CAM350 is a software tool for support of printed circuit board manufacturing. CAM350 directly reads your project files, analyzes, identifies and corrects causes of manufacturing problems, checks design rules (spacing, masks, thermal connections), produces panels, and data files required in the manufacture of printed circuit board (Gerber, N/C drill, N/C mill), increases efficiency and supports your “flying probe” and “bed of nails” testing tools …

CAM350 supports your process from the design phase up to the printed circuit board manufacturing phase, helping you to avoid manufacturing problems. Also, CAM350 helps manufacturers of printed circuit board in meeting all of their client’s (designer’s) requirements, given the speed and quality.


Verify and Optimize PCB Designs for Successful Manufacturing

Today’s complex PCB designs require comprehensive verification before they are transferred to the fabricator. This helps ensure the successful and timely manufacture of your bare boards. Problems arising during PCB fabrication can drastically impact product schedules and result in costly design re-spins. Sometimes this can require design modifications that compromise the integrity and intent of the original design. Inspecting, validating, and preparing the PCB design prior to release to manufacturing will result in a significant increase in efficiency, less risk of design re-spins, and most importantly, successful electronic products built faster and at less cost.

Features and Functionality

CAM350 Route MillCAM350 offers everything necessary to import, export, optimize, modify and verify your design. With robust add-on modules, you have the option to perform comprehensive analysis quickly and easily, intelligent data transfer, enhanced engineering preparation and inspection, and much more. The Design Analyzer streamlines communication between you and your fabricator well before they have your design files. This ensures they are qualified to build your design and your design files meet their internal requirements.

These additional practices will save you time and money, while allowing you to create cutting edge electronic products.

- Import and export data using intelligent data exchange options

- Seek out, identify, and repair design and manufacturing flaws

- Inspect for etching, soldermask, thermal, and spacing violations

- Avoid manufacturing complications and delays

- Optimize panelization, tooling, mill and drill, and more

- Verify and maintain design integrity and intent

- Affordable and easy to learn, use and implement

CAM 350 Multi Panelization