In 2018, CADCAM Lab, together with companies TPV, ALPINEON and SiEVA, successfully applied for the public tender "DEMO PILOTS II 2018" with the project TPV4LIGHT.

With the TPV4LIGHT Pilot Demonstration (PD) project we will establish innovative processes for the production of chassis components for lightweight vehicles of the future. Within the consortium of innovative companies we will develop and test completely new methods and high value-added technological solutions which have a global market potential. The base of the lightweight concept is “the right material in the right place, in the right quantity and for an affordable price”. 

The main result of the TPV4LIGHT project will be the development and successful demonstration of innovative processes for advanced robotic technology lines for the design and assembly of high-strength steel chassis components for the automotive industry.

As part of the PD project, we will demonstrate a comprehensive innovative processes concept in the factories of the future, highlighting all four perspectives of Industry 4.0: manufacturing processes, machines, tools and devices, software and engineering. In accordance with the Industry 5.0 concept, we will demonstrate a new approach to human inclusion and a broader project orientation from economical, environmental and social point of view.

Project duration: 36 months
Start of project: February 1, 2019
End of project: January 31 2022
Project value: 18,914,963.38 €
Co-financing value: 110,694.60 €

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

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